Smoke from the underground seeps through the metal grates of the street and gather with the blanket of mist that hovers over the narrow alleyways. Rays of sunlight piece through the haze projecting bright speckled dots on the mold infested building walls. He is wearing a large black trench coat which drapes down to his […]

The ring of the phone makes your heart flicker as it buzzes in your pocket. In paick you answer the call and listen to the deep gruff vice on the other side. As the instructions are laid down, you nervously think about the consequences of the crime you will soon commit. The phone calls ends […]

  I am Confident. We were confident. Confident we could lead the team to a triumphant innings with an opening partnership. The chunk of premium english willow wood that i held in my left hand was my weapon. the weapon that i would use to prove myself as an opener, as a batsman. The occasion […]

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